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Pups of Anarchy Mint Launch

PUPS OF ANARCHY MINT RELAUNCH IS LIVE Go to: 40 ADA / Pup NFT While you mint, make sure to hangout, chat, play some game with more NFT Prizes!!! GOOD LUCK MINTING!!!

URGENT REMINDER BEFORE YOU MINT Only Pups that Mint and hold are qualified to be in our Diamond Paws Monthly Raffle. DIAMOND PAWS MONTHLY RAFFLE We are excited to announce the details of our DIAMOND PAWS Monthly Raffle. This is a special raffle that happens each month and is held for our most loyal pups and those that adopted them on Mint Day (aka Adoption Day). To qualify you must: - Mint a Pup - Never List or sell your pup As soon as a Pup is listed or sold, that Pup will be removed from the Diamond Paws Raffle forever. We anticipate that the size of this pool will decrease over time, making your Diamond Paws status far more valuable since your chances of winning will increase proportionally. This is just one of the many ways that we will reward loyal POA holders in the coming months. We look forward to seeing which Pups you adopt. TO STAY A DIAMOND PAWS PUP DO NOT MOVE YOUR PUP TO ANOTHER WALLET!!!

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